Vegetarian or Carnivore

As part of DDA’s ongoing effort to encourage voluntary, unscripted and unmanaged blogging by our graphic designers, artists, photographers, videographers, animators, programmers, and writers, we offer a restaurant gift certificate as a monthly prize to the winner of the coveted title of blog of the month.

This month’s winner is Crystal, congratulations Crystal, for her blog about of all things a restaurant experience she shared with her family.  Hopefully, her restaurant experience with her family, when she uses her gift certificate, will be better than the one she wrote about.

Her choice of gift certificates was for Blue Sage Vegetarian or Outback which is decidedly not vegetarian. She chose the carnivore’s delight. It seems that with any topic or decision, the more experience one has with it the more likely the person is to make the right decision, at least for them. Obviously Crystal has had a lot of experience learning what she and her family would prefer for dinner.

Wouldn’t it be nice if all decisions in life were so cut and dry, so polar opposites, so obviously the right or wrong one for me.

If only it was true for things like choosing marketing services, understanding the technology of marketing today and knowing the questions to ask of your potential video production company or web designer.

It has been DDA’s experience that when it comes to new clients,  it is often sad but true that the more experience they have had building websites or choosing marketing partners, the more confused and uncertain they are. I believe this is true because for many clients they have been underserved, misinformed and disappointed. They have often jumped from one vendor to the other, changed direction endlessly and withdrawn from the fight after being beaten up by their competition. It is not that they are not loyal clients to their marketing company or advertising agency de jour, it is that those firms did not earn their loyalty through performance.

Since 1994, DDA has believed that good clients are earned. They must be informed and respected. DDA must perform and exceed expectations. And, at the end of the day, it is RESULTS,  RESULTS, RESULTS that forge relationships, build trust and grow businesses. The choice is clear!