Virtual Medical Simulations Revisited

When you look at a wide cross section of resource material relating to virtual medical simulations, one curious thing that becomes obvious is that much of the information was generated in the era of y2k. 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003, the good old days, the heady days of virtual this and virtual that, representing the world’s preoccupation with everything digital and every cool new technology.

Many of those initiatives went nowhere.  So while that time period laid the foundation for future virtual medical simulation discussions being held, even today, they are generally woefully out-of-date. Further, in this person’s opinion, like many y2k false starts and unfulfilled dreams, the early false start for VMS deveopment may have hampered future interest, growth and funding.

Today, the need for virtual medical simulations is greater than ever, the technology far better, the performance and benefits almost limitless and the actual activity, unfortunately, somewhat subdued.

Perhaps it’s time for a VMS renewal, a rebirth of interest and an acceleration in development. What is old is new again, just better, faster, smarter and more necessary than ever.