Virtual Simulations

As I have been commenting recently, the need for and benefits of Virtual Medical Simulations by DDA Medical cannot be overstated. The reduction of medical errors, lifesaving reductions I should add, and the gain in clinician proficiency, speed and capabilities is game changing. Add on top of that the potential cost savings boost to the American, perhaps World economy and you have multiple compelling reasons why the healthcare industy, the medical community and governments across the globe should be pushing us forward toward a parallel virtual medical world.

A similar set of needs, benefits and savings can be accomplished for many other fields and industries. Education, manufacturing, commerce, transportation, financial applications abound. No doubt the VMS division of DDA will be followed by a VS divisions focused on conceptualizing, designing, and building Virtual Simulations for a wide variety companies and organizations. And as DDA Medical claims…these too will be Virtually Perfect™.