Website Design, just like surgery.

One of my favorite expressions is: The surgery was a success but the patient died. Not good news, and something that I am sure no surgeon ever said to the family of one of his or her patients. The reality is that if surgery has fifty distinct steps from the prep and testing to the anesthetization, through incision, procedure and closing to the observation and recovery, each of those fifty steps really needs to be done properly. Forty eight or forty nine of the fifty may result in death, disfugurement or disability.

Unfortunately medical website design, or corporate website design has as many steps or more. Each goal adds another layer of complexity and risk. Search engine marketing, ecommerce, interactivity, elearning components, animation, integrated video, flash presentations, email management, enrollment, web 2.0 social networking attributes, content development etc. all require skills, coordination, teamwork, capability, process, planning and implementation.

Fortunately for DDA and our clients each and every possible piece of complicated, integrated website planning, design and development are things that we do in-house, on  time and on budget daily, and have been doing so for many years. It is second nature, SOP and comfortable.

For a decade and a half, we have never had to say, I am sorry, we did everything we could but it just didn’t work. Bring it on, the more difficult, the better.