What Shade of Green?

We were astounded to learn yesterday that our recent office insulation project had a measurable impact beyond our wildest hopes. In comparison with 2006 and 2007, we used up to 72% less electricity. Ok, so like clearance sales at your local department stores, UP TO can be misleading. It is hard to measure exactly for a few different reasons:

1.) We were not in these offices in 2006 or 2007.

2.) The company that was here doesn’t appear to have been too worried about being green. If they had, they would not have left the building without an effective insulation envelope for a period of years.

3.) They had more people and worked a five-day week while we bask in the joy and comfort of a four-day week.

4.) We are just generally more efficient in our green energy saving habits than most companies.

Still, even the low range of comparison shows a savings of over 50%. Pretty Great! It raises another issue. What shade of green?

As the Japanese say, there are a thousand shades of gray. This is especially relevant to us because of the work we do. Graphic design, website design, illustration, video production, photography, 2d animation, and especially 3d animation all necessitate a strong understanding of light and dark, highlights and shadows, color science and theory.

America has embraced Green, and American business and citizenry are understanding that green is both possible and necessary. Now we need to be thinking about green subtlety, degrees of being green, how far we have come, where we need to go, additional opportunities to be green, additional benefits to being green.

In short, a thousand shades of Green!