What’s in a name?

I just knew they were going to call it ipad. The name has that warm and fuzzy feeling that can also be attributed to the ipod, the iphone and of course, the venerable imac.

Apple is so good at creating cool, new, slick and polished product, but it also wins by creating products that are warm and fuzzy and comforting and comfortable. Kind of like a high-tech teddy bear. They have both beauty and a nice personality.

Websites and elearning platforms should also have those characteristics. I HATE TEMPLATES. They look so stiff and cheap and standoffish. If a template sells fashion footwear or medical supplies, and you replace the photos and headers, it could sell bananas or dogs. If it is a template-derived website, the design has no relationship to the product or service or message and therefore encourages less of a relationship with the viewer. Templates have no soul and no point-of-view.

DDA and DDA Medical does not build from templates, never has and never will. Templates have no passion and we do.