A band-aid on a broken leg

In following with my new roof situation, yesterday was not good. It poured buckets, and the tarps that were so carefully placed were merely a band-aid on a broken leg. As my son described it, the water was cascading down the wall in the kitchen. Thankfully he saved my computer (I hope). This morning was another hectic time as workers set up and dumpsters left, and trusses were eagerly awaited. I quickly exited the premises as a large beam took out our patio sliding screen door and hoped for the best (at least it wasn’t the glass).

I am looking forward to having a new (non-leaking) roof, even though the construction will continue a little longer than expected since we will need to repair the water damage, it will be so worth it.  Just like a new roof, a redesigned advertising campaign can be like a breath of fresh air. DDA’s talented animation artists, flash programmers, videographers, creative copywriters and graphic designers can bring in fresh life to your company.  We are proud to be a company that customizes each  project. We offer so much more than just a band-aid application.