a drop in the bucket

We all can’t be the person who stands up and leads, there needs to be a healthy support system in order to keep a machine running at its best.  It is well within my comfort zone to be this type of support and maintenance person. That is not to say that I like cleaning up after people (I have a husband and son that keep me busy on that front already). But, I do enjoy making and keeping things neat and at their best.

One of my favorite jobs is to add and rearrange the 10 portfolios in our DDA website. And why not? With so many different categories like Internet websitesCD Rom/DVD’sDigital Photography, 11 categories of Print mediaIllustrationsLarge Format GraphicsVideos of every shape and form, 3d modelingAnimation and Virtual reality, who wouldn’t love to peruse through these?

Each portfolio has as many as 11 sub-sections, some with sub-sub-sections. Each section or sub-section contains as many as 14 pages that list so many different examples of the work that has been done by DDA that it will make your head spin! I have been busy adding  a lot of new sell sheets recently. These are handy little print handouts that take very specific, very technical information, and mold it into an easy to understand and attractive form. They are an indispensable tool for any corporate or medical company. And that is only a drop in the bucket of the many different services served up by the creative minds here at DDA.