A Well Oiled Machine

It seems everyone is now taking time off to enjoy a nice vacation. Judy is just back from Florida, Crystal is in Puerto Rico and Laurence is off to Mexico next week. It always seems a little off balance sometimes when someone is out for a while. And it always seems that something comes up that happens to be that particular persons specialty. Murphy’s Law-right? Well, I guess we all need to roll with the punches. Something that I appreciate here at DDA is that everyone is always willing to help each other out. Being fairly new at handing many things,  I was so happy and grateful that Jess was there when I needed help while Crystal (who can do just about everything) is away enjoying  margaritas on the beach. And although Jess is our SEO Specialist, she also knows how to handle so much more than that, as most everyone knows. We all tend to learn a bit about other areas, and that understanding and cooperation is the essence of a well oiled machine. Jake and the video production crew will be collaborating with  the Flash animators, Programmers and web designers while Laurence is off getting sunburned and learning another language, and then upon his return, will tag team off with Vinnie. All this cooperation will ensure that our video production services, professional photography services, programming services, and any other of our services for that matter, continues to run uninterrupted.