More snow is on the way. It seems we are getting our fair share this winter – some places are getting a lot more than they bargained for. But despite the weather, the world keeps turning and business must proceed as usual. In anticipation of the upcoming blizzard that has been forecasted for tomorrow, DDA has already made preparations to keep things running smoothly, while keeping its employees safe. A slight rearrangement in office hours and days will keep everyone home and safely off the roads during hazardous conditions. The magic of the Internet will keep our emergency troubleshooters active from their homes, just in case, and happily we will not have to cut into our vacation time because of Mother Nature’s fury.

Adaptability is a key component in survival in every sense – personal or business. It can mean the difference between top or bottom, win or lose, success or defeat. The business sense of DDA has always been able to adapt. There is always a keen eye towards the future, allowing a leader of the pack mentality and purposefulness. DDA medical is always at the forefront of medical website design, integrating medical writing services, custom medical illustrations, medical flash animation, interactive medical education videos, medical IT systems and live video webcasts, adapting and succeeding.