Ahhhh, schedules….

Ahhhh, schedules…. these are the things that keep things running smoothly. It is the end of summer, much to the dismay of all the kids as school starts up again. I love the commercial for school supplies with a father gliding around happily on a shopping cart to the song “The most wonderful time of the year…”

Most parents are happy to get back to a school schedule, and not be chauffeuring 24/7, while trying to work. It’s not an easy task to keep up with all of the things that we try to squeeze in these 3 months of warm weather and sunshine, not including work. I admit to not being half as busy as Amy or Jess, running around after several kids and a house, but my schedule seems quite busy as well.

Jess’s organization is phenomenal- I aspire to reach her level (but I am not sure that she ever sleeps….). This was quite obvious during her months of  planning that surmounted in a picture-perfect wedding.

Scheduling would be one of the most important underlying aspects of a good company, and that is no easy task, especially here at DDA. Our full service advertising agency has many different services to choose from, and our project coordinators will effectively coordinate all different departments to ensure optimum results. At this moment, I am attempting to schedule 7 actors over 2 days, while the video production department sets up cameras and lighting, our video scriptwriters are perfecting content and screen actions, our graphic design artists are creating backdrops and graphics, our animation artists ready for the integration of graphics, information and live-action. And the project coordinator is scheduling, organizing and overseeing them all, then will bring together all these elements, culminating in an outstanding piece of work that will have the DDA stamp of perfection.