All Browsers are Not Created Equal

As we continually update our DDA website to display all of our latest achievements, the usual procedures are followed. Our fantastic graphic designers create eye-catching images, our clever copywriters create keyword-rich content, and our talented programmers put it all into action. But proofing a page can be a little consuming at times when you find that all browsers are not created equal.

A fantastic Flash animation may be a thing of beauty on Safari for a Mac, yet be only partially functional on Firefox, or non- functional on Internet Explorer for a PC. All browsers need to be considered since we are trying to appeal to all consumers. Browsers are like opinions, everyone has one, but there are many variations. Sometimes it takes a lot of time and troubleshooting to have everything run smoothly in all browser worlds. But rest assured, all issues will be addressed and every detail tweaked to perfection, as is DDA’s usual M.O.