Always Changing, Never Stagnant

The force that drives us is always pushing forward — whether we like it or not. Of course, everyone moves at their own pace. I have some friends that talk so fast, I tell them, “Keep going, I’m three words behind you, but I’ll catch up!” And some who tell me to slow down, I am moving too fast to enjoy life. But, just like so many other things in the world, everyone is different, and we should always remember to appreciate each for their own speed and contribution. I remind my son of this all the time, as he rolls his eyes at me — but he knows that I’m right. It is a lesson in patience and understanding. DDA is always moving forward, we never sit still long enough to get boring or stagnant. It’s usually hard to keep up with all the changes that are going on around here. As we speak, we are preparing to add even more great new sections to our website. Carrie, our senior designer has altered the main menu yet again to allow easy access to all of our new information. This in addition to our other consistently high quality services such as digital animation, audio and video production, web graphic design, search engine optimization and marketing, SEO copywriting and database programming.  Life’s too short to spend it being bored, move forward and enjoy!