Always Something New

Today started off with something new, at least for me. I accompanied Andrew on an on-location photo shoot  for product photography for a new website design. This was a new endeavor for me, but one that I totally enjoyed. Despite the traffic jam between our office and the clients, and a slight misunderstanding with a doorknob, it was a smooth and productive shoot. Andrew was the master of ceremonies as he arranged machine parts, large and small, into interesting compositions (not an easy deal for machine parts) that will  be used in various places throughout the new site. We are proud to offer a complete line of professional photography services at our in-house video studio, or on-location for any need. Like many others here at DDA, Andrew wears many hats , project coordinator, photographer  and copywriter as well. Carrie will work her magic on a great design, along with a well coordinated effort of unseen website programmers, seo copywriters, graphic designers and search engine optimization specialists will make this project a success.