amazed and admiring

Last night I watched over my son’s shoulder as he was engrossed in his latest gamer acquisition, Assassin’s Creed 2. Although, I am pretty much an anti-violence type of person I also understand that it is, and always will be a part of the world past and present – what we learn from it is up to us. So, what really fascinates me is that this interactive game takes place in the past, in the the time of Leonardo da Vinci actually. He makes appearances creating all sorts of little inventions for the character to use and find. I was mesmerized by the beautiful artwork and design that went into the smallest details of period clothing and their embellishments, the architecture is shown from every perspective since a full 360º view is enabled.

The character animation, animation backgrounds and architectural animation that are designed into this interactive game is no small feat. The animation artists here at DDA have a full range of interactive services available. DDA’s animation artists have recently been creating more in the lines of 3d medical animations, medical flash animation and animated medical videos, but the intricate details and extent of the talent that goes into each project will leave you amazed and admiring.