Animation is fun and games

This weekend, I was amazed to see a commercial for a cartoon that I used to love as a kid. It was called “School House Rock.” Now, I am sure that I am not the only one who enjoyed these cute little animated shorts that played in between the old marathon of Saturday morning cartoons. “Conjunction Junction” and “Interjections!” were a great way to teach kids information without any pain (actually, we didn’t even know we were being taught a lesson). As a matter of fact, making learning fun (and maybe a little unconventional) can always help to improve perception and comprehension.

DDA knows the benefits of creating animation to promote interactivity.  When users can control the speed of an animation, view and review, stop and start, zoom in and out, as well as change the orientation of an item, then that makes understanding that item or procedure that much easier.

Dynamic Digital Advertising can provide all of the animation services including graphic designcustom animationflash programming and develop the interactive tools that  make any training video, online video, or Internet video enjoyable and fun.