Another Green Day

Last week, I spent a couple of days updating our DDA site to include a section called Green DDA and I will continue to do this  today. I am happy to include this section, as I have been a recycler long before “green” became PC. People thought I was a little nutty to be saving newspaper, cans and bottles, then dragging them off to a collection spot early Saturday mornings when I should have been watching cartoons. They couldn’t see that far into the future. This weekend, I continued my tendency toward a natural lifestyle, by purchasing bamboo flooring for my bedroom. This needing to be replaced after the 3 storms that came up the coast naturally hit just when we were having our roof replaced. In the long run, I am happy to replace some things with more eco-friendly materials. And luckily for me, materials have become more readily available and more affordable. I am glad to see the world finally trying to be more responsible for itself and its children.

A short visit to Green DDA shows the different ways that we endeavor to be green here at the office and in our output. From animations, to graphic design services to video advertising and webcasting to media copywriting, and every little thing in between, we are proud to be considered a green advertising agency that keeps getting greener.