Another World

Sometimes we need to check out mentally. We need to give ourselves another world to be in, just temporarily. Our lives can be so hectic, so strenuous, so overwhelming. There are so many types of diversions, each can take you somewhere away from the stress. We can take a walk in nature, work-out at the gym, cook up something yummy or even go shopping (food and shopping being my favorite worlds) But the most popular world by far today is the video game world. How can you not love racing your friends in a go-cart through animated race tracks, and having the most spectacular banana peel crashes, but never get hurt?  Maybe you could play guitar with Aerosmith, Metallica or Slash? Or be an elf or a dwarf fighting to save your planet. Animation can be incorporated with live-action to produce results that will always bring a smile, as we see in  the movie “Enchanted”. Animation today is outstanding. It is only limited by the imagination, and the talent of the graphic designers and programmers. DDA has been combining animation with live action for years. For example: our animation artists have placed animated dogs and cats into the live streets of NYC,  and have also had live spokespeople walk into an animation background. Our web animation, flash programming,  and video production continues to be ahead of the game. Our website designs are innovative and fun. So, go ahead, step into another world and enjoy.