Autumn Equinox

Today is one of the two times a year when the sun crosses the celestial equator, when day and night are of equal length, and a seasonal change becomes apparent. This year’s extremely short-lived summer is on the wane all too soon, and the warmth slowly disappears with the long sunny days. It’s all down hill from here.Well actually, I guess that depends on your point of view… although summer is filled with sandals and sand, picnics and pools, I actually prefer the cooler weather. Maybe not the ice, but certainly some snow will be nice, and the pea soup humidity and perspiration I can certainly do without- for a little while anyway.The change of seasons is not shared in the same way everywhere. My sister in California doesn’t get to enjoy the beautiful colors of the trees as they prepare for winter, nor does she see the pastel spring buds as they push out after a cold winter’s nap. But she doesn’t miss the changes at all, so although we all share the seasonal equinoxes, it is a different experience for each person.It is a similar feeling here at DDA when we design a  website. It’s a different experience for each staff member as they play different parts in the creation of each completely customized project. Adding a variety of animation effects, interactive videos, digital photography, SEO copywriting, graphic design, medical illustrations or flash programming into each project. Each different area conforms to the specifications of the client, then the coordinator works their magic to assemble all of the components into one beautiful final piece of art.