Back to business as usual

Ahh, back to school. My drive into work this morning was impeded by big yellow school buses and their flashing lights. The sides of the roads were dotted with kids with backpacks, and teary-eyed parents gripping their children. The summer months filled with carefree days and freedom from studies are done. Back to work… It’s a tough adjustment for all.

The initial excitement of re-starting will meld into a regular schedule of work and play. It is almost as hard to get back to business for me after a nice long weekend, like the one we just enjoyed. But, after a short adjustment period, DDA is off and running again in its usual busy fashion. The clients have started calling in and the calendar is already starting to fill up with appointments. Our graphic artists are creating and building new concepts, our programmers, copywriters and animators are busy designing and developing, and our regular site maintenance is well under way. I can hear the lightning speed typing of Jess, our SEO specialist as her fingers fly across the keyboard, and Crystal has already passed in front of my desk at least 12 times, paperwork in hand.

Ahhh… back to business as usual.