bask in the sunshine

Ahhh… Summer…. finally within grasp! After months of anticipation, sub-freezing temperatures, ice storms, and shoveling innumerable feet of snow, followed by gale-force winds and rain, we have finally arrived at Spring. This is a beautiful time with hints of bright flowers and new life. This predecessor to the warm glow of Summer’s sunshine and blue skies is not without a few anticipatory glitches. The sneezing and allergic reactions that may be included are a common, but inevitable problem. Luckily, it is easily addressed and short-lived, and soon we are suddenly basking in long hours of warmth, sunshine and smiles. It was well worth the wait. It will recharge and revitalize that sleepy, lethargic lump that we seemed to have morphed into during that dark inactive time. The result will be a brighter, more industrious, exhilarated and gratified feeling.  Mmmmm….. can’t wait.

Wait… was I talking about me? or a new website? The analogy between the two is fun and funny. DDA’s creation process of a new print ad campaign, medical video production, virtual medical simulation, medical website, interactive network or live streaming video can easily be correlated to natures movement from a dark Winter into the bright days of Summer. From our brainstorming and indefatigable hard work, to anticipatory hints and de-bugging, to the final transition from idle darkness to satisfying bright rosy bliss. Time to bask in the sunshine of your your shiny new website!