Beauty and Perfection

This past weekend was full of the most beautiful images that I have ever seen. I am referring to those from the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics. Every cycle of the Olympics, the ceremonies become more and more grand as each country takes a turn showing its own pride, personality and history. In this case in Bei-jing, China, there was a fantastic mixture of old and new. This of course is the true nature of the country as it is now. So much of their country is very much behind a lot of the world, and yet there is much that is so far ahead.

The pride in their history was beautifully combined with their current modernization. I was mesmerized by the artistry and perfection. A key part of the visual effect was in the cooperation and coordination that the 15,000+ players shared to create one beautiful image after another with sheer perfection. Here at DDA, our company may not be 15,000+ players, but we know that the cooperation and coordination is the key in creating perfection. From the beautiful artistry of our graphic designers and animation artists, to the video production, flash programming, creative copywriting and the behind the scenes details of our search engine optimization, we strive for beauty and perfection in all we do.