Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Yesterday, a Robin flew into the front window of our building. With a very large thud, he knocked himself out cold and was passed out near a bush at the front door. I giggled a little when I saw him as he reminded me of some parties from my youth, but then remembered the headache that also came with it and I felt sorry for him. I looked at the beauty of that little creature as he slowly started to move and look around. The feathers were fine and detailed, with a beautiful red breast. Even his eyes were dark and shiny like little buttons. It’s not often that we can have the opportunity to see such detail up close to appreciate its beauty. Not all might appreciate the same things that I do. They might be too busy or just be scared of this wild animal so close to them- and not want to look, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. At DDA, our graphic designers and  animation artists and videographers incorporate the most beautiful details into every graphic and web design. And the intricate details don’t stop at just aesthetic pleasure, the intricate code programming is a work of art unto itself as it works behind the scenes along with search engine optimization to enhance every website.In our busy lives, stop a moment and take a closer look to appreciate the beauty of the details in life.