Beauty is only skin deep

This old proverb has many implications. Of course the first thing we as humans, think of is ourselves. But all wise people  know that this simple statement can be applied to numerous situations, in numerous applications. In the human respect, the most obvious analogy would be our physical characteristics as our first impression versus the deeper underlying personality and intellect. We all know some people who are stunning to the eye, but there’s nothing inside. And yet, if we turn the tables, a highly intelligent and friendly person who is dirty and disheveled is no more attractive. There are some people who are perfectly satisfied with a babe without brains, or brilliance without beauty, but more often than not, it’s a different type of choice that has to be made, and in the end, we usually compromise on some choices.

Apart from human characteristics, the working world is also affected by this old proverb. Many skimp on the details, choosing either beauty OR brains, but one without the other is shallow and ineffective. In the advertising world of DDA, there is no need for compromise. Our graphic design artists easily create a visual smorgasbord of beautiful logo designs, print designs, web designs and illustrations, but our beauty is much more than skin deep. Embedded into all of our work are project coordinators assuring quality and organization, a complete video studio adding professional photography, video production and  animation effects, degreed copywriters producing keyword-rich content and engaging scripts, amazing programmers creating code to boggle the mind while making it all look simple and search engine optimization to be sure we are always at the top. Why settle? Have the best of both worlds – without compromise.