Beauty with a Message

Recently, I had the opportunity to view my friend’s final thesis in Graphic Art at FIT. She works full time and has gone to school nights, weekends and summers for the past few years, and can now add a degree in Graphic Arts to her degree and certification in Art Education. Each student in her class displayed 6 final versions of beautiful and varied graphic art pieces ranging from poster art to children’s books to computer generated sci-fi to political statements. There were a wide range of opinions displayed, each in its own style, with a message that called to you. It’s an all important element to all art- beauty with a message. There is a certain amount of natural skill that is born into each artist, and a refinement of this talent creates an expertise in their skill. This is clear in all of the work that is produced here at DDA. Each artist here, whether they are an animation artist, videographer, photographer, graphic design artist, code programmer, creative copywriter, or project coordinator and SEO specialists, each use their talents to hone each project to beautiful perfection that speaks its message clearly.