My morning started with an early morning distress call. At 5:30 a.m., the rear tire on my son’s car blew out while driving down I-95 on his way to work. Thankfully the road was empty, and after a 360º spin (or maybe 2) and a couple of unwelcome meetings with the side barrier, the car came to rest on the shoulder facing the wrong direction, almost perfectly parked. And although no injuries occurred to the driver, the major injuries to the car will likely result in a total loss.

This brings to mind the importance of good maintenance. In the case of this car, it had just been inspected last week, and was given a top rating for the tires. A more efficient job may have yielded a better warning so that proper action could have been taken to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

Although we cannot foresee every disaster before it happens, proper maintenance through a joint or individual effort, can avert many potential problems. Sometimes a specialized technician is the best way to go, especially when it is not your field of expertise.

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