building blocks

After an extended, extra hot weekend, we return back to our air conditioned desks here at DDA. The last few months were an overwhelming conglomerate of video project details that were all consuming.  Mounds of paperwork, emails, releases, agreements, extensions and scheduling, all culminating into a mound of paperwork, emails, invoices and images. These all important details  are the foundation blocks to building a masterpiece.

The animation artists here at DDA are already hard at work prepping the 3d environments that were customized to the the clients detailed specifications. Once the client has chosen from the thousands of images that were taken in our video studio here at DDA in front of a green screen and the on-location photographs taken at a local medical office, the integration will begin.

These building blocks will be assembled into a architectural masterpiece of amazing animation. Furniture, people, and medical equipment may or may not be added in to create the perfect picture. Either way, when it is all completed, you will not be able to tell if something was added later, or was actually there to start due to the mastery of our staff. There may be 3d medical animations, animated medical images, virtual medical simulations and any number of our professional photography services used for this project. The clock is ticking, and I can’t wait to see what our staff produces next!