busy bees

Today, I have been spending time updating the DDA portfolio. This part of our website shows samples of all of the different works, and since our hard working team is constantly producing high quality work, each with that WOW! effect, it needs to constantly be updated.  It is just one of the many different jobs that I undertake regularly, but is easily my favorite. I never cease to be amazed at the innovative top-notch work that seems to oooze out of the pores of the creative minds that work here. I love to see the beauty of each new work as I place it in at least one of the categories of our portfolio. Most are a combination of services like digital animation, custom programming, medical training video, medical content writing, medical illustration, search marketing solutions, internet advertising and online cme, that all come together to make up a package that is custom made for each individuals needs. It feels like a humming network of busy bees here as specialized sections are built, then fit together to create a perfect, satisfyingly sweet result that always brings a smile.