Calm After the Storm

After the maelstrom of the past few weeks that consisted of an intense 4-day, non-stop photography session with both on-location and in-studio photography and a bevy of models, hair, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, coordinators, photographers and innumerable others handling various details of every kind, combined with several other projects occurring simultaneously, including an instructional video, educational video and a few product photography projects, all of which completely consumed our videographers, photographers and various other employees…today seems almost lethargic in comparison.

But don’t let the quietness fool you — the intensity has merely moved to a different focus. These raw images and videos will now be taken to  a whole new level of perfection as they are processed, edited, integrated and transformed by our animation artists and master videographers, then rendered into a custom made masterpiece of amazing and yet specifically defined proportions. A-mazing!