Can you walk and Chew Bubblegum?

I asked this ironic question in my usual lighthearted sarcastic manner to Toni as she walked past my desk yesterday juggling 10 thoughts in that particular minute of time. I felt a second of humor would help to ease her into the next thought. Making someone smile always makes for a happier and more productive atmosphere. Our Project Coordinators normally walk back and forth innumerable times a day juggling umpteen jobs, and always smiling. They are great. It would be ridiculous to even contemplate the thought of any one of our staff not to be able to multitask. As a full service advertising agency, we handle everything from soup to nuts for our clients needs. Our services include video production services, photography services, graphic design services, search engine marketing services, search engine optimization services, programming services, and of course all types of copywriting services. I love that everyone here at DDA gets along so well, and we can all comfortably walk, and chew bubblegum, and countless other things, all at the same time.