Candy and Smiles

Happy Halloween and  Happy Thursday! We can all use some candy and smiles. The Phillies have provided the biggest smiles that Philly Phans have seen in over 2 decades. Congrats!  It has been a tough week for all here at DDA. Without our super organized coordinator and estimator, it has been a bit disorienting. Some sugar would be good right now. Personally, I have become so comfortable with her efficiency, that I have taken it for granted. Each person here at DDA has many talents, at least a half-dozen or more actually. Some have tons more than others, but as a team, we are unbeatable. The proof can be seen in our Awards: Goldline Research Award for Most Dependable Search Engine Marketing Firms of the US, The Aesculapius Award of Excellence and the OBGYN Outstanding Achievement Award for the website: These unsolicited awards were earned through the talent and coordination of the best team of animators, programmers, copywriters, videographers, graphic designers and search engine marketing experts right here in the Philadelphia area. So we should smile, be happy, always remember and appreciate the best in all people and in all things… and don’t eat too much candy. :)