Clear away the clutter

Clutter. It is a nasty word when you think about it. It sneaks up on you and seems to suddenly be all around you, and you have no idea how it became so profuse. After 20+ years in my house, we have come to a point when I can no longer ignore the clutter in my bedroom. I live in a tiny little cape-cod style house with 4 rooms total (5 if you include the bath), and my husband and I are pack-rats. This is not a good combination, especially when you pass this trait onto the next generation. And so begins the epic adventure of going through  years of hoarding papers, clothing and other questionably identifiable junk. There are many things that make me smile as a nostalgic blast from the past, and some things that  make me wonder “what was I thinking!?!” (clothing especially has this affect) But we can always learn from the past, there are things that are Great, and things that we definitely should not repeat- (big hair and giant shoulder pads come to mind). Sifting through and streamlining, finding the best and most important things to keep, and discarding unnecessary nonsense makes life easier and more efficient. It can be time consuming, but is certainly worth the effort.Our team here at DDA always strategically combines the best of the old and the new, and clears away the clutter to achieve clean, effective and innovative website designs and ad campaigns. With a combination of beautiful graphic design, outstanding video effects, flash animation and top of the line programming and copywriting. We are one of the best ad agencies in the Philadelphia area.