coffee or tea?

Coffee or tea? Today, I am going to enjoy a special treat as my friend is bringing me back a yummy iced latte for lunch. I am so excited that I can hardly sit still. Silly you say? How can someone be so in love with coffee? Well, let’s first realize that it’s not just any old coffee, it’s a smooth iced beverage with a wonderful balance of bitterness and sweet caramel flavor with just a touch of creaminess (non-fat for us calorie counters) not to mention that extra boost of caffeine that is always welcome on a Monday… mmm… Still, just because I love flavored coffee, doesn’t mean that it’s your cup-of-tea… so that’s where the variety comes in.The list of options is enough to blow your mind! You can customize it to have whatever you want. Don’t let others tell you what you do want or don’t need.  You don’t have to take what the guy next door has,  you can have it your way- just the way you like it, with a cherry on top (or not).DDA offers the same type of menu – one that will blow your mind!  We offer more services than you can shake a stick at, and we will serve it up to you perfectly balanced and customized to your specifications. You can choose from digital animation, animated medical graphics, streaming video, medical interview video, on-location photography, admin programming services, medical content writing, web design services, search engine optimization or Internet product and brand marketing, and that’s just part of our menu offerings. So remember, this is America, where there is freedom of choice – so choose away!  - and ENJOY!   (mmm… whipped cream…)