Collaboration and Cooperation = Success

Well, today’s challenge is more of It’s a fantastic jewelry site that has the most beautiful graphic design (Thanks Judy!), cool 360º video spins of charms so that you can really get a feel for each charm (Thanks Jake!), fun and interesting, not to mention keyword rich, creative copywriting (Thanks Elise!), and intricate programming that can make surfing and shopping an enjoyable experience (Thanks Reg!). This is an ever-changing site that is constantly morphing into a bigger and better site. It is as so many projects are, a much bigger collaboration to create such an endeavor than the names mentioned here. Like the search engine optimization and search engine marketing (Thanks Jess and Crystal!) that bring a site to the top of the Google listings. Truthfully, I think that everyone here at DDA has had some type of input into this site. Teamwork is a daily happening here, collaboration and cooperation = success.