Cooperative Community

We are spoiled by our modern conveniences. As a nation that enjoys the availability of the cream of the crop of modern conveniences, when these are suddenly cut off, we are left standing dumbfounded, mouth agape, wondering what to do.  We suddenly feel lost and powerless until the inundated utility companies can come to restore calm. This is a new experience for my son, who was fascinated to see that we could make coffee on a stove instead of an automatic drip machine, and that taper candles in front of mirrors produce 10 times more light. This past snowstorm initially left about 200,000 people in the Philadelphia area with out power. PECO, along with neighboring NJ and NY power companies, have come to the rescue and  within hours, the number had dropped to half that amount, and continues to drop as the hard working teams continue the rescue.

My house was a victim of the storm. Our large trees had their branches fall victim to the weight of the heavy snow and ice taking down our power lines. Since this happened within the first few hours of the storm, we have remained powerless throughout the entire recovery effort, and being a single house without power, we are relegated to the bottom of the urgency list. By our design, our house uses gas allowing us cooking and cleaning, and even hanging around the campfire (that happened to be a burner on our stove) and candles provided enough light to read or play cards by after sundown. The daylight was spent shoveling our 80-foot driveway…again (for the third time in as many days). And thanks to a community of friends, we have been loaned a generator, so now, for most of the time, we have heat and partial power – Yay! Just waiting on PECO now.

So, what’s the connection to DDA? Well, life throws many curve balls at you, and sometimes you have to know how to duck and roll. DDA Medical is a full service advertising agency that takes care of business no matter what life throws at us. Despite a record-breaking blizzard, the service and maintenance continues non-stop. From medical illustrations, medical animations, medical video production, to medical writing services to medical CME and medical IT support, rest assured that everything will be taken care of. Even if someone may be unavailable, thanks to a cooperative community of coworkers, there is always another there to help out until things get back to normal.