Cover all bases

My morning has been filled with investigative research. Not my best attribute, but I will do what I can. Now, I am knee-deep in music- all types of music. I am trying to cover all bases by touching all different genres. So, as different people pass by, I ask for their latest music picks, trying to be open minded and find something interesting about each style. Some things I clearly have no knowledge about, but as usual the rapport that our staff shares, makes any job easier. However, it seems that our staff has very broad based  tastes. No one seems to like just one type of music, they like a bit of everything. This only serves to confirm the fact that DDA is so well rounded, that we are able to handle any and all projects with an objective point of view. Our graphic designers, media directors, photographers, videographers, animation artists, advanced programmers and creative copywriters will always have lots of variations to offer, and yet always understand and convey your point of view.