Crystal clear

As I get ready to head off to my cousins wedding in NY State this weekend, I am trying to get things tied up. I have certainly missed my super-organized co-worker Crystal who always keeps everything flowing smoothly, and knows everything that’s going on in every department.  When she is out, it becomes obvious to me how much I depend on her everyday. I am sure she enjoyed her vacation at the shore, and not having to worry about being organized. But back here at DDA, organization is what it’s all about. Each one of us here at DDA has our own system that helps us keep our tasks and thoughts moving forward productively, but some are just amazing. Crystal is one of these, and I am so glad she is on my side! She is just one of many talented people here that work together to make DDA a successful advertising agency. It’s clear that it takes good organization to keep track of all of our many services, like advertising copywriting, graphic design advertising, Internet marketing advertising, and print advertising, to keep us on the road to success.