DDA in 60 seconds!

WOW!  Right now, I am putting up DDA’s very own 60 second commercial video. And it is amazing!  It’s fast, fun and fantastic! Not only does it manage to breeze through a brief synopsis of all that we offer, but it leaves you wanting more! (as all good commercials should). I admit to replaying it at least 6 times in a row- just for the sheer pleasure. It was not just informative, but made me smile and laugh, and even a little bit hungry (…I suddenly have a desire for some pb & j…) Watching the bits and pieces being created individually did not even come close to seeing the final result. With perfectly placed sound effects and expert narration- it has come together as an amazing piece of work. Nice work guys! No, not just nice- Fantastic!  DDA’s fully equipped video production studio has everything needed to create training videos, medical videos, video e-mail, streaming video, or any type of video advertising. We can incorporate flash animation, medical animation, character animation, all sorts of fun and amazing animation effects.  Check us out – we’re moving fast!