DDA process

After receiving advanced warning of a large project making it’s way through the the DDA process and on it’s way to my desk, I have been busily trying to clean up as many loose ends as possible to get ready. The process starts with a meeting to fully understand the wants and needs of the client, then the DDA staff goes into full swing. The project coordinators set up the menu, the degreed graphic designers make the vision a masterful work of art, our complete video studio adds interactive live action, flash animators create visual excitement, advanced programmers add function and fun ,and  professional copywriters add content that’s interesting and informative. By the time it gets to me, the major components are ready to be assembled into functioning pages, and the client is eager to see  the results. So I’d better get my act in gear since I will be taking a few days off for Christmas to spend with family coming in from all different parts of the country to visit.