dedication to animation

I recently saw the 3d movie “How to Train your Dragon” with my Mom. It was her idea; she is just a little kid at heart. I know that although she loved the movie, her appreciation was for different aspects of the movie than my own. For instance, her biggest comment about the movie was that the dragons weren’t cute enough. My view of the movies was a little more from an artistic point of view. I have an appreciation for the imagination used in the fabrication, and the obvious realization of the dedication and the qualifications of the artists and technicians that created this amazing animation.

OK, that’s enough of that. Seriously, much of my appreciation comes from the work produced here at DDA. Our full service advertising agency has a a staff of degreed artists and animators. Although we may not be creating movies about dragons, our 3d medical animations, medical device animations, animated medical videos, medical illustrations and medical flash animations are top-notch. Our animation artists create engaging and technically perfect medical training solutions, with easily understandable and usable fit and function for all medical CMEs. Medical animation perfection.