deeper understanding

My days more recently have included a wider variety of chores. Chores that I am happy to accept. Our talented team of graphic designers are swamped with work, developing new website designs, revising and designing updates and creating new print ad designs of every shape and form. And although I am not near their caliber, I am happy to take their instruction and run with it. All of this new knowledge has given me much deeper understanding of all the tiny details and nuances that go into design that make it better than the rest. Shadows and highlights, shading and spacing, styles and sizes. These talents are ingrained in a good artist; it is just part of their essence. Only a certain amount of this  can be taught, and I hope to absorb as much as possible.

I am always amazed at the variety and complexity of DDA’s creative staff that regularly produces human animation, training videos, medical device videos, graphic programming, medical IT services, advertising copywriting, custom web design, corporate identity design, and search engine optimization. I have come to a deeper understanding of the intricacies of the beauty they produce daily.