The word of the day is diverse: the dictionary definition is showing a great deal of variety.

This word has repeatedly been used in a project that I am currently working on that involves a diverse amount of actors, of diverse nationalities. This client is also a diverse combination as home base for this client is Germany, and our contact is most assuredly French, and they are working from their offices here in the US.

They have come to the right company as the diversity of DDA is extensive. This full-service advertising agency’s diversity ranges from complete medical website design with interactive design, medical copywriting, medical flash animation, medical video production, live streaming video to virtual medical simulations and print ad design. All done in-house by our diversely talented staff who are ready to handle a myriad of  situations to get the job done, including DDA’s new division, Apple Savvy™ , that is already at work converting, designing and redesigning Flash websites for the ipad® and iphone®,  and building applications for the ipad® and iphone® for businesses. Diversity is the name of the DDA game.