Easier than it looks

Today, I gave a little hand to one of the actors from our Actors Gallery as she read the script written by our copywriters on the teleprompter. She is acting as spokesperson on an informative video in front of a green screen. Our Actors Gallery offers 60 actors of various shapes, sizes, colors, ages and voices.  She has been chosen for several videos by different clients, and I can clearly see why. But, it’s easier than it looks. After having done a small bit of voice work for  our own DDA CMT site, I know how difficult is is to perform when the camera and microphone are rolling. Yet she is consistently professional, performing quickly and accurately with a  warm smile and a easy style interacting with things that are not actually there. From here our fantastic video department will add flash animations, illustrations, graphic designs, and programming that will make your jaw drop.  They never cease to amaze.