eat my dust

When the working day is done, girls just wanna have fun! But everyone wants to have fun – not just girls! And why should we wait for the working day to be done before we get to have some fun?

We may not be as carefree as Carrie’s 4 year old son, nor may our idea of fun be rolling down a hill with our friends (at least not today) but we should always try to find a little fun everyday in different ways. My son’s idea of fun is the ever popular interactive games. As a matter of fact, he likes anything interactive… interactive sites, interactive video, any kind of interactive technology… you name it, if it’s interactive, he wants to check it out. And why not? You can’t tell me that it’s not an interesting and fun way to play and work! Of course not all games are for all people, but there are tons of variations of interactive media to choose from. We can even have fun at work – interactive advertising is a great way to entice new customers.

DDA can readily incorporate any type of custom interactive services designed to your needs into your advertising portfolio, from interactive web pages to interactive quizzes to interactive art. Don’t be left in the dust of all the others that are leading the race, let DDA keep you at the head of the pack.  ?