effective attention

Cold calling: How effective is cold-calling? We receive many every day. I mean really! – do they really expect to find an important manager or the CEO, sitting around in their office with nothing to do but to to take a cold-call from someone in a call center? Sorry – not happening! An annoying cold-call is not going to get the right kind of attention. As one of the gatekeepers here, cold-call sales have about a zero chance of getting through. There are better ways of getting your company noticed, and DDA is expert at attention grabbing advertising without being annoying.

DDA has no need to cold-call. Our business speaks for itself–on the web, through word of mouth from satisfied clients, and from just being seen through our outstanding projects and videos.  Our superior knowledge of SEO strategies has search engines bringing the world of DDA Medical right to your fingertips. Our website allows you to peruse the many services that we offer and informs you of our capabilities. Our portfolio offers examples upon examples of the various projects that we have created over our 16+ years. Check out our animated medical videos, medical education video, virtual medical simulations, medical website design, 3d medical illustrations and medical cme. We create an effective sales strategy and ad campaign with more class, more style, and more impact than an annoying cold-call that will get you nowhere.

DDA can bring style and class and effective attention to your business.