Efficiency is the Name of the Game

Today’s thought is efficiency. This morning our building is being reviewed as to its insulation- or lack of it. It is an older building with 2 stories, that is much like a house that has had additions built over the years. Thus making its heating and cooling very IN-efficient. The lack of insulation in the attic (and other places) causes our writers to suffer an extreme difference in temperature since they are upstairs. And with 100º temps on a regular basis lately- it’s not the happiest spot right now, but very soon that will change. Elizabeth is always working to make everything green and efficient for us here at DDA. As I look around my office today, I see everyone efficiently working at their usual best. And efficiency will always continue to reign over all we do. Especially our Project Coordinators, who are the epitome of efficiency, and can juggle numerous projects at once. One hand is handling clients needs while creative copywriting and seo copywriting with the other. And Jess, our SEO Optimization Specialist is amazingly efficient at constantly improving the rankings of all of our clients on a daily basis, as I listen to her fingers fly across the keyboard. Not to mention Crystal prioritizing all of the lists of projects handled by our Video Studio, Graphic Designers, Animators and Programmers. Efficiency is the name of the game if you want to be a player- get on board, and hold on tight.