This is the first week of daylight savings time. It is a tough adjustment, but a welcome one. I am happy to have that extra bit of sunshine at the end of the day that continues to grow longer as the days get warmer. Benjamin Franklin’s original thought behind DST was to make the most of the changing sunrise and sunset times and the corresponding varying amounts of daylight throughout each season. In general, it was just a smart way to make energy usage more efficient.

Efficiency is  a key component here at DDA. Our project coordinators and media directors are masters at keeping a sharp eye and smart wit on every project. Each project is a compilation of many different components, that can consist of medical content writing, graphic design, 3d medical illustrations, animated medical graphics, medical video production, medical IT services and medical CME, just to name a few. Each individual detail must all be methodically compiled and organized to achieve a smartly comprehensive, cohesive, and efficient result.