Enough is enough

Enough is enough – No more Snow!!! I am sitting at my desk watching the snow fall once again. The morning’s weather report called it a snow squall, as I think it’s pretty messy, but only in a certain area, and hopefully only for a short time. Since many of the roads have quite a bit of residual ice still hampering travel and many roads are considerably narrower from the plowing of so much snow with no where to go, more snow is not a pleasant addition to the equation. With schools being closed, my Search Engine Optimization Specialist coworker has finally made it in to her desk for the first time in a week, happy to work without the interruptions that are a part of working from home. I am feeling that maybe our videographer and accompanying IT support who are on assignment in St. Louis, MO working one of several live medical webcasts, might be better off weather wise than here at home. the live streaming video will broadcast a prominent Doctors lecture, then allow questions to be received and answered during the live webcast. DDA Medical will then create a medical webcast archive for future use, allowing for email response questions and surveys. Luckily our crew had no problems with the flight out in the snow, and hopefully there will be no more snow to hinder their return home. Enough is enough-No more Snow!