Excellence of Design and Function

Just the other day, I was revising the Trade Show Graphics section of our portfolio and as always, was awed by the beautiful designs. One of the most recent, and one of my favorites, is the clean modern design of the Firstline TSG. I would like to  say clean and simple, but as usual, that is deceptive. When this TSG came into our offices to be assembled and checked, it was a jaw-dropping 10 feet x 10 feet. It was a beautiful thing. In order to make a clean, clear simple looking design is an intricate process that takes a great eye and a great talent. Although mechanics play an important role in design, a certain  amount of innate artistry must be in your blood to be good. And our artists are better than good- they are amazing!  Melissa used photo manipulation of the product with a figure, then integrated that into a fantastic eye-catching design that clearly spoke the message without words.  The mark of  talent. But that is a mere fraction of the amazing talent here at DDA. Every one of our staff of Animation Artists, Graphic Artists, Programmers, Videographers and Creative Copywriters work on this level of excellence everyday, with the SEO specialists, Estimators and Media directors keeping it all on top.