Fighting off a few germs

It’s that time of year when everyone seems to be suffering from allergies or catching some kind of cold or virus. Right now there are a few of us here that are fighting off a few germs. And I myself will be keeping a few doctors busy this week.  I have found that it is amazing how much medical information is available on the web today. It used to be so hard to find out information if you were sick and had questions- and there’s always a million questions. Now you can find so much info that it can make your head spin! Understanding it may be a different hurdle.DDA has a large and varied collection of medical sites that we design and maintain.  Each one is different. There’s information from Doctor listings, to images and technical information on specific types of cancerous cells. The medical copywriting and medical videos are helpful and informative. There are medical animations and medical illustrations that help you to understand medical or surgical procedures. I find it very comforting to know that so much information is available right at my fingertips. And as an informed patient, I can be prepared to ask my doctors the right questions and to try to understand the answers.